Meet Lisa Sparks

I am a mother of 3 children educated at every level in the Orange County public schools, a nationally known scholar-teacher, and lead and manage the budget of the School of Communication at one of our leading higher education institutions in Orange County: Chapman University. I know the path to success starts with positive and impactful K-12 experiences for children, parents, teachers, and administrators.


We can find much needed solutions to improving Orange County schools by working together and providing needed imaginative leadership that prepares all students for college and beyond. It is our job to prepare our future leaders, bosses, employees, and parents to be positive contributors to our society. This is our duty and I am committed 100% to finding and implementing solutions that work for our children and their parents.


I have served in the following roles:

  • Dean, School of Communication, Chapman University;
  • Chair and Director of Graduate Studies, Chapman University;
  • Director of General Education and Graduate Studies, George Mason University;
  • Summer Camp Educator for Middle and High School Students; and
  • Given multiple TED Talks. 

As a University Dean with over 25 years of education experience, I fully understand from research evidence that every child can develop a thirst for learning, which must be activated by effectively engaging skilled teachers, savvy administrators, and dedicated parents. I hear loud and clear that parents and children are stressed and frustrated with their K-12 experiences in our public schools, which must be addressed systematically. 

If elected, I will be a strong proponent for our public education system including local community and public charter schools by ensuring that government functions efficiently with proper and responsible fiscal decision- making. I am in favor of putting money directly into our classrooms and oppose government directives that impede learning outcomes.


As your Orange County Board of Education Trustee, I will:

  • Utilize my higher education and research expertise to enhance learning processes and outcomes for our students and schools to achieve academic success in K-12 and beyond;
  • Prepare the whole student to have a successful college experience, career, and life as a citizen;
  • Analyze budget and redistribute funds as needed to enhance learning outcomes;
  • Ensure our schools receive adequate funding for students; and
  • Protect parents' rights and educational choices, including expanding the number of charter schools.